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Harvey Duff

Member since May 26th, 2010

University of Alberta


Brief biography: 
I'm a retired high school teacher/department head/ICT coordinator interested in promoting Computing Science and Information Technology at the junior and senior high school level. Since retiring from the Edmonton Public School Board in 2005, I've been involved in a variety of interesting projects that include: 1. developing and teaching undergrad and grad courses in educational IT, in CS and in CTS for the U of A's Faculty of Education, 2. working with the U of A's Computing Science Department on the educational use of video games, 3. working with the U of A's Computing Science Department as their High School CS Outreach consultant, 4. being the lead developer of Alberta's new High School Computer Science Education (CSE)curriculum, 5. helping get High School CSE recognized as a University Entrance Science subject in Alberta, 6. developing materials for several 1-credit Project Courses in Computer Science Education, Communication Technology, Design Studies and Marketing and Management, 7. developing materials for junior and senior high teachers new to CSE. My last major project was coordinating the education component of the U of A's Google sponsored Summer Academy and my main current interest is in using Alberta's up-coming CTF (Career and Technology Foundations) program of studies as a vehicle for a junior high high CSE program. I am especially interested in introducing CS to aboriginal students.