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Ed Baafi

Member since May 13th, 2016



Brief biography: 
In 2004 I was running STEM education programs at Boston's South End Technology Center which also houses the very first Fab Lab. We became an early Scratch test site and immediately fell in love with the power and simplicity of the language. I later founded a company called Modkit with Amon Millner, a member of the early Scratch team and creator of the Scratch/PICO sensor board (cousin of Makey Makey). You may recognize Amon as a beloved Sprite costume in Scratch 1.0 and 2.0. Mitch Resnick said this was something I could aspire to so perhaps you'll see me in a future version of Scratch :) Our company makes tools for robotics and microcontroller programming that are inspired by and aim to be as expressive as Scratch. Our latest project is a text based programming language that we hope will make adventurous Scratchers feel at home when they venture out beyond Scratch land!