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Andrea Anton

Member since November 19th, 2016

i'm opening my own non profit organization and actually as a graduand i'm affiliated with the University of Calabria, Italy


Brief biography: 
I'm a graduand at The University of Calabria, Italy. In collaboration with the Prof. E. Bilotta we are investigating on the new didactic methods, instruments & materials of the 21st century: New experiences in language learning: discovering English through Scratch, Scratchx, Wii, IWB & Computer; Also, through the foundation of Optimus (no profit org active from 25/11/2016) and M@steringScr@tchL@b i'm conducting studies on: New Experiences in Language Learning: Discovering L1/L2/LS through Scratch, IWB & Computer. [All Ages] + creative computing. I would like to promote socially and for free [hoping for donation] the integration, adoption and use of TIC outside[open access] & in the class [K15] specially in Calabria and it's little towns.I'm also promoting and assisting personally some of the MOOC courses.
Curricular area: 
Language Arts
Education level: 
College and University