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ITJ Faculty

Member since March 2nd, 2011


Brief biography: 
Instituto Thomas Jefferson is a private school in Mexico City, Queretaro and Guadalajara. We have integrated Scratch to our everyday learning activities, so our students can express freely, and therefore enhance their creative thinking and self confidence. * In Kindergarden the students are currently creating a Scratch library that gathers the best of their projects. * In Elementary School, Scratch is a tool our kids use to complement their science and social studies projects. They have developed several interactive games to learn in a fun way. * Both Kinder and Elementary have created their own Scratch Clubs to sharpen their teamwork and persuasive skills. * In Middle and High School, our students are mentoring low income schools to enable life in a digital world. To visit our projects, simply search for the word "ITJ" in the Scratch website. Our kids are willing to have some feedback!