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Katerina Glezou

Member since April 29th, 2011



Brief biography: 
I am a teacher of Informatics in Arsakeia Schools in Athens, Greece and teacher trainer. I have received my BA in Physics, MSc, MEd and PhD from University of Athens in 1990, 1994, 2000 and 2010 respectively. My research lies on the area of open interactive learning environments which support exploratory and collaborative learning in the context of Didactics of Science and Didactics of Informatics. The research focuses on the development of educational scenarios and microworlds and utilization in the teaching-learning process through exploratory and collaborative activities. My research interests include Web-based Education, Computer Science Education, Teacher Training & Development, Educational Social Networking. In 2009 I created the Greek Educational Online Social Network "Logo in Education: a community of practice and learning" (