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Dana Fritzinger

Member since November 7th, 2011

Unity School


Brief biography: 
I am an Innovation Specialist at a K-8 independent school in South Florida. I’ve played a key role in supporting the use of 21st technology in teaching and learning. This includes direct instruction of students, as well as supporting and training teachers at all levels with the integration of technology in the classrooms. My innate desire to play, tinker, and learn has led me to introduce various tools, including Scratch, MaKeyMaKey, Little Bits, Chibitronics, and LEGO robotics to my students. As an educator, I have seen the classroom transform as students thrive during the process of designing, creating and collaborating with these tools. I love how technology opens doors through creative and engaging experiences for all types of learners!
Curricular area: 
Computer Science
Education level: 
Preschool and Kindergarten
Elementary School
Middle School