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Now accepting CS4HS applications

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Karen Brennan

We're really excited to be hosting the CS4HS / Creative Computing workshop again this year, July 22-24 at MIT Media Lab. At the workshop, we'll explore new educational technologies and instructional strategies to engage students in creative design activities -- and, in the process, help students develop as computational thinkers and computational creators. You can read about our 2009 workshop in this ScratchEd story.

For more information, please visit

Jean-Jacques Valliet


This links to download all the documents related to the CS4HS / Creative Computing workshop : presentations and projects files.

If you had to wait one, two or three hours before boarding in an airport, in a station, that's very usefull to have backup all these documents on your laptop.


The presentation of Mitch Resnick is a very important event for us , it's like a light in the dark.


En Français :


Vous trouverez ici  un lien qui vous permet de télécharger un dossier zippé qui regroupe des dossiers identifiés par le nom correspondant :

- Toutes les présentations au format .pdf ;

- Tous les liens vers les pages , les pages ayant été enregistrés avec Firefox ;

- Tous les projets Scratch  illustrant la démonstration et la progression de Mitch Resnick ( dans son dossier ) ;

Il s'agit d'un atelier qui a été organisé dans le cadre d'une initiative lancée par Google : CS4HS ( Computer  Science For High School ) l'informatique pour le lycée.

Cet atelier s'est déroulé dans les nouveaux locaux du Media lab au MIT.

Le document le plus important est, à mon avis, est la présentation d'ouverture de cet atelier, appelé Creative Computing pour K-12 Teachers, par Mitch Resnick.

La progression est illustrée par de nombreux projets particulièrement bien choisis.

A nous d'interpréter son message.







Karen Brennan

Thank you so much for compiling these into an easy-to-download archive. I'll be posting all of the materials for the recent 2010 CS4HS workshop shortly.


Mary Beth Bergh

Day 1 of the workshop complete - what a day! Such great ideas, enthusiastic participants, and a beautiful location at the MIT media lab building. Can't wait for tomorrow's sessions!

Megan Haddadi

I am very, very excited for this workshop!  I can't wait to see how some others are using or plan to use scratch in the classroom.  I am looking forward to some discussion on students' posting their work online.


Ann Hunyadi

I am so excited to be attending this workshop. I'm looking forward to learning ways to bring this great resource to both students and teachers at my school. I'm ready to soak up the energy, ideas and info. Can't wait!

Karen Brennan

Last year we had K-6 teachers apply and were accepted. If you're interested, I encourage you to apply!

Lorraine Leo

The CS4HS/Creative Computing workshop topics seem like they might be interesting for teachers at the K-6 level as well.  Is there a similar workshop geared for K-6 teachers?