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Creative Computing?

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I would like to use this learner workbook for an after school computer club but I have some questions - where is the best place to go for help and support of this program?

The first question is the Unit 1 Reflection page - it seems to refer to a paired project, but I don't know where to find the directions? It seems like just a journal page asking the students to reflect on their different roles as partners.

Is anyone else using this workbook?

Hi Kaylene, 

It's awesome to hear how you're using the Creative Computing workbook! 

I'm not sure I understand your question, so maybe you could share a screen shot of the page you're referring to, but maybe this is what you mean?

The "Programmed to Dance" activity in the workbook (p. 19) pairs with the activity of the same name, in the Creative Computing guide (p. 26, pictured below) which you can download here:

As for your broader question about where to go for help or support, asking questions in the online community is a great way to learn from and with other practitioners.