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Feedback on portraits of practice

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Karen Brennan
Hi ScratchEd!

In collaboration with researchers at EDC/CCT, we've been developing portraits of teachers working with Scratch in the classroom. The 1-page portraits present a context in which Scratch is being used and a pedagogical puzzle that the teacher is working on.

We'd love to get feedback from you on the content and the structure of the portraits.

A sample portrait is available at

Two questions:
  • What suggestions would you share with the teacher in the profile?
  • How can we improve the portrait structure/format?
Thanks so much!

Karen Vitek
I would like to see the geographic location of the teacher. After reading the portrait I was thinking I wish there was a way to get in touch with her to discuss her concerns and/or collaborate. So having a place to note how to contact the teacher is important.
Karen Brennan
Thanks, Karen!