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Teen-age Scratch Project Ideas

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Herb Moyer


The following is a class project I am planning on having my grade
 10-12 Computer Literacy class tackle. Do you have any suggestions for other
 criteria to include for this project. Any related ideas ?
Contact me through the ScratchEd site or email me:
Herb Moyer
 Scratch Culture Project
 You may work alone or in teams of two. Create a Scratch program that
 celebrates, describes, epitomizes, teaches, or displays some aspect of
 teenage culture and teenage life.
 Here are the minimum requirements. Meeting these will get you some
 range of a B- to C grade. Exceeding them will give you a greater
 chance of getting an A:
 1.   You must include at least four different backgrounds or costumes
 of a background theme.
 2.   You must include at least seven different sprites (that does not
 include different costumes of a single sprite).
 3.   You must either include music or audio (sounds or spoken words).
 4.   You must include at least 25 different commands.
 5.   It may be educational, funny, sad, tragic, poetic, historic, or
 any other adjective or adverb you can ascribe to it or describe it
 *    Try your best to be creative
 *    Get ideas from your classmates by showing your progress to them
 along the way through the development of the  project
 *    Look at a range of other student Scratch projects for ideas and
 code writing help
 *    Go online to use the Scratch help, forums, support, etc. Go to
 *    Use the Help menu within Scratch
 *    Ask for help; ask for help; ask for help
 *    Have fun !!
Karen Brennan

I really like this theme! I hope you'll share the output from the class.

I think the framing and constraints of the project seem reasonable. While I don't necessarily have suggestions for changing the project parameters or suggestions, I wondered how the project is being introduced. Is this their first Scratch project? Are you going to show sample projects of what this project might look like?

Ah, one picky legal-ese style suggestion for the project parameters: I assume that the students will know that "including backgrounds or costumes" also implies programming those elements to change, not just to have them there, but not visible... :)


Herb Moyer


Thanks for the suggestions. No, this is not their first project, but I have one really recalcitrant High School Junior who can't think of any concept to base a project on. Today, he came up with a picture of the local Police Station as the background and wants to program a sprite to throw an egg at it. So, being ever-so-grateful that he even thought of something, I started to show him how to create costumes of a person in different positions to simulate throwing an egg. I also have a very talented Senior in that class, and I am anxiously looking forward to what she creates.

Thanks for the reminder to use the hide command to hide a background/costume.



Rick Ashby

hmm maybe. . .

Have an easily identifiable purpose for your project.

Have a clearly defined target audience for your project.

Herb Moyer

Thanks Rick,

I hadn't thought about a specific target audience for which the students are creating; good idea. I see the purpose as a way to get my students being creative about something that they can relate to...instead of my assigning a specific topic or set of instructions that they have to make happen.



Herb Moyer