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Debug it!

Can you help fix a bug in a Scratch program?

This is a collection of 5 short Scratch programs that aren't working the way the creator intended.

I used this as an activity at the CS4HS Creative Computing workshop, as a way of talking about the importance of debugging as a computational practice. I broke the participants up into 5 groups and each group focused on a bug. Each team then shared their bug with the rest of the group, demonstrating a way (or multiple ways) of fixing the bug.

Other Files: 
What a great activity! For those using the browser version of Scratch, is there a version of the Bug #1-#5 files online as urls instead of .sb files?

This looks great.  I'm going to do a version of this as an activity for my experienced Scratcher group next Saturday. 


Awesome -- I'd love to hear how it goes! :)


Great Idea!