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notes for Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

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Debbie Corleto

 Here is a simplified version of my notes for creating Sunday afternoon....It is still a work in progress


Creating Scratch Project Sunday afternoon


Step 1 Prepare music


Import song from itunes into Garage Band

Go to share>export to disk>compress>save as mp3 to desktop


Step 2Making sprites

Go to photoshop

Open Sunday afternoon…

Using eraser, erase  Around the person you wish to use as a sprite

Click on magic wand

Place on all white spots so you get the transparent grid



Go to NEW File-open blank


Go to edit >Copy PASTE


Go to save for web device

Choose gif

Click on transparency

Go to save



Choose background  1( this is the stage) The stage can give cues and directionss

Stage>import the painting that you downloaded


Paint for new sprit import the characters you made for sprites

Start scripts for each sprite


Second Background- picture of empty  studio


Add sprite of artist

Add script