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Scratch 2.0 Break out group with Mitch Resnick, aug. 11,2012

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Debbie Corleto

   ·  Notes from the Breakout Group Scratch 2.0 with Mitch Resnick   Auguat 11,2012

   New generation of scratch to be released later in 2012.

·      One of the big changes is  -2 separate worlds- applications and websites


·      Right now can’t see the script etc on the website without downloading.

·      Advantages to having both merge is that it will open new possibilities  enhancing scratch creativity and collaboration

·      Their will be a profile page on the website with Bio’s and list of projects for the person.

·      You will be able to look at projects and click on “look inside” and see the sprites and scripts and how everything is made

·      Then you can experiment with it and remix

·      You can also put the scripts and sprites in the BACKPACK  go back to your project and drag the script out of the backpack and use it.. It is easier to see what others did.

·      NEW- MAKE YOUR OWN BLOCKS ( BROWN COLOR)-Go to Blocks>More Blocks>Name it>Define it> possibly with a script from the backpack. You could name a JUMP block.

·      You can control how high something JUMPSi n “EDIT BLOCK”, “JUMP HEIGHT” , change “y” by -1 = height jumped

·      Making own blocks- keep in separate category the color for MORE BLOCKS is BROWN.

·      Put blocks in backpack to save-otherwise it is just for that project


·      Using the laptop camera use yourself as the stage to move the balloons around. Makes you an interactive part of the game


New Blocks in 2.0  Blue Block has Video “Motion” on  “this sprite”


Under sprites there are icons for  person,brush,file or camera


 This is a new way to think of sensing and conditionals


Cloning (example FIREWORKS)

Same sprite is clones and each one does its own thing


Example Cat planting Palm Trees

It starts small and grows


Clone start up set size to 10% and keep repeating

Change size by -1 each time the tree is cloned it should start out small and growCloning starts wherever the sprite is.


Favorite Colors Survey


Keep score

Each time game starts the score was save d and the data appears.


New Variable Clouds Variable- stores the data results and keeps track of vote


The future will be downloadable and web based