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Refugees Welcome / Open Call for Projects

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Eduard Muntaner-Perich
Hi ScratchEd Community!

Some children in Spain and India have been designing sprites and backdrops depicting the current refugee crisis. Now they are gonna make stories and animations to show support for all those who have had to leave their lives and memories behind!

Do you want to join and participate? In this project you'll find 23 sprites and 7 backdrops. Just let your children remix it, choose some of the sprites and backdrops (you can discard the rest) and create a story (or animation, art, game) about the refugee crisis. Of course you they can also add new sprites and backdrops!

We will be happy to share all the projects in Inventors4Change Studio:

For more information about the global education project:

Our children have been doing research on the topic. Their blog on the refugees: