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Second year of Scratch in Moodle

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Carl Bogardus

Just finished my second year working with my Scratch unit in Moodle. Our session this year ran a full nine weeks. I had some pretty good projects and a lot of ... well, unfinished projects, (lack of completion of work in all subjects seems to be school-wide, so I wouldn't blame Scratch).

Because of Scratch and Moodle abilities to enable students to work together, I had my first cooperative project that two boys were able to complete despite being in two different classes. I posted what I thought were our best projects on my class pages.

As I have emptied all student data/work out of my class, I have created a user that members of ScratchED can use to log on and look at the course. My course is not perfect, it needs updating and reconfiguring, changes I made this year helped the flow of the course, but I know I can do better. It is also structured for a course that can be posted on our Blackboard portal, (all schools in NM have access to a Blackboard portal), hopefully I can put it on Blackboard next year, (I love Moodle, but I would rather teach than maintain a server when I don't have to).

Moodle Site:

ID: tempuser

Password: tempuser1

I am open to any suggestions for improving the unit. I tried to have students work on understanding and creating algorithms and reading/following directions, (working more independently).

Carl, (aka Desert_Rat)