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January 2013 Meetup Discussion Notes: Ideas for Stepping into Scratch with Students

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ScratchEd Team

At the January 2013 Scratch educator meetup, participants shared ideas for how to facilitate an introductory Scratch session with students.

Ideas for Stepping into Scratch with Students

  • Do the About Me project (session #2 in the Scratch curriculum guide)
  • Start by showing awesome examples; then set a manageable project. Success on step one!
  • Goal-directed simple project with many possible solutions
  • Show and use ease of using graphics and sound together.
  • Use the Scratch Cards as a resource.
  • Create a program to tell a knock-knock joke.
  • A quick, one-off session to show cool Scratch projects and teach the super basics can serve as a "teaser" to get kids to sign-up for more longterm Scratch commitments.
  • You have to have a hook - show them all the cool things you can create and do using Scratch.
  • Using some of the first activities in the Scratch curriculum guide can be a good way to introduce kids to the basics of Scratch!

What ideas do you have? Please share them below.