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Recap for ScratchEd Cambridge Meetup @ Kennedy-Longfellow: Saturday, February 7, 2015

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Ingrid Gustafson

Thank you to everyone who attended our first meetup of 2015 at the Kenndy-Longfellow Makerspace!

MakerspaceBelow is a list of people who attended. To connect with someone from the meetup, click on their name above and leave a message on their profile page to start a conversation.


  • Part 1: Networking & Scheduling - We started off our Saturday morning with bagels, beverages, and fruit. The group circled up and everyone introduced themselves by answering questions: What's your name? Where are you from? What do you do? What is one thing/project, inside or outside of your day job, that you are proud of this year? Next, attendees wrote one or two ideas for session topics on post-it notes which were then gathered on the whiteboard. Adam and Ingrid helped group together the sessions into a total of three sessions instead of the usual four.
  • Part 2: Exploring & Learning - Our group had two 45 minute blocks to fill with sessions. In the first block, there were two sessions: Introduction to Scratch and Teaching with Scratch. In the second block, there was a large interest in exploring extensions with Scratch as well as some of the other technology tools in the Kennedy-Longfellow Makerspace, so we created on session called Extensions.
  • Part 3: Sharing & Reflecting - Keeping in the spirit of the Makerspace, we each made our own DIY deli sandwhiches at lunch time with a side of chips, veggies, and salad. During the Show & Tell we had three participants share their projects. Mike Condor shared how he uses Scratch to create designs that he then prints using a laser wood cutter. Richard shared a creative animation he worked on incorporating images and music. Dan shared a particle simluator he created using Scratch. As final words for the meetup, we went around the room and shared one thing we learned and if we achieved our goals for the day.
  • Photos - Pictures from the February Meetup are posted on the ScratchEd Cambridge Google+ Page
Sign up to join us at our next meetup on Saturday, March 7th at the Kennedy-Longfellow School in Cambridge, MA. The school has free parking in the rear of the building. We hope to see many of you there!

Ingrid Gustafson on behalf of the ScratchEd Cambridge Team with Janet Dee and Rosemary Slattery