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Reflections on First D.C. Area ScratchEd Meetup - November 7

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ScratchEd Team

Thanks to all our participants for bringing the first D.C. Area Meetup to life!

Stay Connected:

Below is a list of people who attended the meetup on Saturday (To connect with someone from the meetup, click on a name below and leave a message on their ScratchEd profile page.)

  • Patrick Bailey
  • Lance Baldwin
  • Aidan Banerjee
  • Sid Banerjee
  • Calvin Edwards
  • Tingting Feng
  • Brenda Green
  • Eryn Heying
  • Jessica Johansen
  • Alvaro Luna
  • Donna Mason
  • Dianne O’Grady Cunnif
  • Sophonia D. Owens
  • Topher Paterno
  • Sarah Pfanz
  • Doug Plotner
  • Alicia Stahl
  • Nathan Stanford
  • Javier Starks
  • Stephen Trickey
  • Valarie Wheeler
  • Pam Wilhelm
  • Jeanine Joyner
  • Pratibha Srinivasan (was not able to attend but is interested in future involvement)


Here is a recap of the event:

  • "Meet Up With" - Upon arrival, each attendee was asked to share an original portrait as well as three facts about themselves.

  • Speed Networking - We went down the line, contra-dance-style and shared what we love most about our jobs, the pastry we would want to be and why, and a student who inspires us in our work.

  • Breakout Sessions - We collaboratively built the schedule for the day, with the following themes: Intro to Scratch, Nuts and Bolts, Differentiating with Scratch, Video Games, After Scratch and Storytelling.

  • Photos - Here are pictures from the meetup.




Future DC-Area Meetups

  • Many of you expressed interest in future Meetups. Please let us know if you’re interested in hosting one in your area. (You can tweet @ScratchEdTeam, post a discussion on ScratchEd or email us:

  • Dianne is interested in hosting a Meetup in Charles County, so stay tuned for more!


Thank you for meeting up with us!