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Scratch Educator Meetup Breakout Session Notes: Life After Scratch

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ScratchEd Team
Special thanks to LeeAnn Wells for sharing these notes taken during the "Life After Scratch" breakout session at the November 2013 Scratch Educator Meetup, held at MIT on November 2, 2013.

Life After Scratch!
After Scratch, or if students are getting a bit antsy with Scratch, what can we do?

1) Generative Art - Scratch has very advanced features for this!

2) Programming robotics using Scratch - a more “making” level - taking it out of the computer
     a) This can make everything even more collaborative

3) Rube Goldberg Machines - Elaborate cartoon machines (such as a machine for making toast)

4) Derek: Instructional Design - How to teach with Scratch

5) Block space programming is used in other applications as well.

6) Look at the more powerful aspects of Scratch in order to help students who are moving quickly through to require to reach!

7) Chris: Some students felt “too mature” for Scratch and had the notion that you couldn’t do much with it. Makey Makey: Then students were making mazes, etc., Multi-Level games with physical controllers - Students ended up making a game that they created with controls that they created.
     a.) Next: Paper Prototype of a controller Students know where they are and where they want to go.     
     b) IDEO shopping cart video
     c) Film “Objectified” shows examples of Industrial Design
     d) Kevin Kelly book “What Technology Wants” “Virtually every technology that has been invented is still in use.”      

8) Natalie - Advanced Kids Steve - Concrete Chris - Design Process - thinking outside of the box LeeAnn: Where are we going with Scratch and then….

9) Hack a USB number pad to create a controller

10) Use Legos and Makey Makey to create a controller Break something down and build it back up again Students as hackers - modding

11) The Game “Portal” - Educational Version - Ships with tools - Students can create a maze that has gravity and friction - Portal is actually a nonviolent
(shoot the wall, not people) modded version of Half-Life 2

12) Someone did create a Portal game in Scratch

13) If we look at things as a platform to be hacked, another dimension is opened.

14) God mode/Cheat codes are created to allow developers to get through to a level that they are working on!

15) Natalie: Robotics and other program suggestions are going

16) Snap: Developed at Berkley. Berkley built another layer on top of Scratch - Also runs on an Ipad. Has a full curriculum built around it at Berkley -
Lectures are online.

17) Ipad Browser - Puffin - allows Scratch programs

18) How to EMBED a project within a website.
     a) Full screen is great to share with kids
     b) Vector Graphics - Scalable - Convert before creating sprites
     c) GoogleSites is great for this
     d) On Scratch project click “Share”
     e) Scroll down to “Share to” to see code
     f) Copy code
     g) go to Google Site
     h)  Insert code and click the “HTML” letters above right
     i) It will be converted to a gadget where you can go in and change things.
     j) Preview page as viewer k) You can go in and set the width at 100%.
     k) You can go in and set the width at 100%.