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Scratch Educator Meetup Breakout Session Notes: Project Ideas

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ScratchEd Team
Special thanks to LeeAnn Wells for sharing these notes taken during the "Sharing Scratch Project Ideas" breakout session at the November 2013 Scratch Educator Meetup, held at MIT on November 2, 2013.

Project Ideas
1)  Project an object:  What do you see?

2) Scratch Cards – Checkoff  System            
     a) See ScratchEd Discussion Thread – Derek has a long post there.            
     b) Spreadsheet – Name at top – Complete activity and Checkoff            
     c) *Kids can become experts on particular cards and teach others            
     d) Kids can design their own cards that are not in there yet!  (Blocks are in, but cards are not)                            
     e) In the Scratch forums you can type in the block name and graphics come up for screencapture

3)  About Me Project - *Idea – don’t share names and have students guess!

4)  Younger – bring up a project and have them make changes

5)  Design Notebook in GoogleDocs is used for documentation          
      a) Also, audio recording via a sprite within their project can be documentation                          
      b) Pointed questions for them to answer

6)  Help Ideas            
     a) Try again
     b) Try again harder
     c) Help Engine within Scratch 2.0
     d) Google It
     e) Ask a partner
     f) Name on board asking for help

7)  In the curriculum guides there are one pagers            
     a) Print them in color            
     b) Put them in Screen Protectors            
     c) PDF them?            
     d) Great for kids who are moving faster

8)  Ingrid’s rule is that she does NOT touch the mouse

9)  Kids can work in pairs – Most want to work independently

10)  Even the youngest should have a non identifying screen name so that they can

11)  Search Gmail Aliases (G+) off of one email

12)  Also, kids can hop on and NOT create any account – They just cannot save it

13)  Ingrid has kids working in the online environment

14)  Usernames – Add them to ONE STUDIO as CURATORS – they can add projects to the studio

15)  After the enrichment program is over – can change the email account that it is connected to

16)  Math night – Use scratch to explain the project (which explains the math within a project)

17)  1st year Ingrid had 8 participants – Next year 35 kids – PR Math connection

18)  Debug Its – Use them and have them make up their own.              
     a) Also – Debug with cards – 7 cards such as “fix this” or “why is the score not working” etc.

19)  Sprites from a Webcam – Stop Animation – Several Costumes

20)  Shared Aquarium Project – Every kids make a fish to go in one aquarium project

21)  Biofeedback – Creature needs to find it’s food – sniff – as it gets closer to the food the behavior changes.  You need to decide what to do with the

22)  Real World Rollercoaster in Scratch – Derek’s idea – Break down a rollercoaster and put it back together (everyone gets a piece).

23)  Draw a rectangle and cut it – Other geometrical shapes

24)  Lego We-Do:  Motor, Distance Sensor, etc., to control legos – Only work for Scratch 1.4 right now.

25)  Matthew:  Create puzzles similar to those from The Incredible Machine  Derek:  Scratch has recently looked at that.  Game:  Portal, Portal Ed – Requires intense hardware.

26) Challenge - Fill the space with a thin pen line - (random movement?)

27)  Check ScratchEd Thread for questions you have