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ScratchEd-Cambridge September 2014 Meetup Notes

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Janet Dee
 Thanks to everyone who attended the September ScratchEd-Cambridge meetup! Here is a list of participants and some resources from the event:


Nina Araujo
Derek Breen
Chris Cahill
Lee Cusack
Sue Cusack
Janet Dee
Georgia Forbes
Ingrid Gustafson
Nicole Hart
Derek Hogan
Powell Kristie
Noel Kuriakos
Lorraine Leo
Muazzez Lohmiller
Chad McGowan
Caroline Meeks
Dan Monahan
Natalie Paine
Prathima Rhodes
Adam Scharfenberger
Rosemary Slattery
Tim Smith
Daniel Watt
LeeAnn Wells


Our first ever ScratchEd-Cambridge meetup was held at the Kennedy-Longfellow School in Cambridge. We met in the brand new Makerspace and spacious adjoining rooms. We kicked off the day with informal networking over coffee, bagels and fruit.  Sue Cusack of the Lesley University/Kennedy-Longfellow Tech Project welcomed us to the space.
Who are you? : Each attendee filled out a “who am I” poster with a self-portrait and three things about themselves. These were posted to a wall for all to see.  We then organized into lines and did 3 minute one-on-one introductions with people we hadn’t met.

Agenda co-creating: The participants were challenged to co-create the schedule for the day by first, brainstorming ideas on idea stickies in small groups.  Ingrid and Janet then rapidly grouped all the ideas and came up with our session topics for the day. 
Breakout Sessions: We had time for two 45 minute sessions with three topics in each.  Rosemary led a game project for those interested in getting started with Scratch.  Another group met around Math and Science ideas for Scratch and used Muazzez’s project  to look into how we can implement tallies using a counting variable. A third group worked with the WeDo kits building their own chain reaction based on the Scratch + Lego WeDo Chain Reaction video.
Lunch Discussion: Ingrid shared the Creative Computing Curriculum Website. Janet shared some resources on ScratchEd including the Student Handbook for Scratch and ECS. Adam shared a WeDo demonstration from his breakout session.
Announcements and Resources:
Our Google+ Community is launched. Search ScratchEd-Cambridge MA
Our schedule for the year is now set and posted to our Eventbrite page.
We look forward to seeing you at our next ScratchEd -Cambridge Meetup on November 1, 2014.