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IT Student Labs in Berlin, Germany

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Tanja Borzel


Are you located in or around Berlin, Germany, or would it be possible for you to go there once in a while to teach workshops? Do you also speak German? Because this posting is about the IT Student Labs, where mainly german students of the age around 13 – 16 will participate.

The student labs are not new, but what's new is that people try to breath new life into it. So there are facilities, hardware, students – but cool workshops are missing! You don't have to have experience with teaching yet, just come by and say hello, ask questions, share your ideas for a cool workshop, or join other people's workshops as a coach. We are in an early phase and met recently to do what I just described, and now I'm reaching out to find more educators-to-be!

More meetups will happen, more cool workshop ideas (it's not only about Scratch) will be shared. Please come by!

Tanja Borzel

I hope it's ok to have the following conversation in German.