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ScratchEd Weekly Roundup | 12/17/11 - 12/23/11

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ScratchEd Team

The weekly roundup is where the ScratchEd Team shares some of the major -- as well as some of the overlooked -- news, stories, and events related to Scratch that took place throughout the week.

ScratchEd Weekly Roundup
12/17/11 - 12/23/11

  • Brooklyn Collegiate celebrated Scratch Day early this year, with an event in New York on Saturday, December 11. You can watch all the highlights from the day in this video. -
  • Marisa Conde, a professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, posted this Scribd presentation to help Spanish-speaking educators get started with Scratch.

These are just a few things that we found. Do you have news from the week that you'd like to share? Please post it as a comment below.