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Help required...New to SCRATCH

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Hoor Khan

Hi...My name is Hoor Khan and I m new to SCRATCH...Currently I m teaching Middle School Science and O Level biology.I belong to Beaconhouse School System and this year we are trying to integrate technology like SCRATCH in our curriculum. Our group had just 2 workshops on What Is Scratch and believe me Scratch Ed is much more informative and resourceful then those two workshops. Now soon we will be asked to integrate Scratch in the curriculum and I m really confused about this. Few questionns to as:
How to teach my subject which is Science and Biology using SCRATCH?
Should I be teaching science or biology topics like the normal routine and  students will be creating different projects usinng SCRATCH?
What kind of Science projects can be created using SCRATCH?

I have bits of information like Scratch is coding and programing but doesn't it then related to computer studies. Please guide me. I really want to upgrade myself and my students' learning environment