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Performance indicators and outcomes for scratch programs

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Darrin Sharif
The organization I work for (the Urban League of Essex County) was awarded a small grant to run a demonstration program designed to introduce 30 students ages 10 -13 to the fundamentals of Scratch. The program deigned was relatively simple (students met every Saturday from 9am - 4pm), and were taught by a fourth-year college student majoring in Compute Science. The instructor was assisted by 6 Technology Mentors (also Computer Science majors). The program started on October 3, 2015, and will be ending on December 19, 2015. The program has been so successful that my organization has been invited to apply for a much larger grant. However, this grant application is asking for specific performance indicators and outcomes for the program. Has anyone had experience mapping the performance indicators and outcomes to the creative curriculum, or any other curriculum for that matter. My email address is:
Thank you.
P.S.: Our grant proposal is due today, 5pm EST. They did say this is the season for miracles, didn’t they?