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Publishing Student Animated Projects as Mobile Apps

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Richard Austin
Call for Student Video Stories, Essays and Poems The Young Author’s Magazine Anthology® seeks contributions from educators and parents of student video projects as part of an expanded mobile app publishing program. Since 1984, YAM has been publishing poetry, short stories, and essays from young writers in K-12 language arts classrooms. Beginning September 2013, selected video poetry, stories, and essays will be published in a video format as mobile apps for viewing and reading on mobile devices. Each app will also be configured with a language translator for converting text into any of 52 different languages; text-to-speech technology; and, the ability to share each published app on social networks with friends and family members. Apps can be accessed from a cloud server on any mobile device from anywhere there is an Internet connection. There is nothing to download and nothing to store on the mobile device. For details regarding submission and formatting requirements go to Please share this message with interested friends, colleagues, or parents. Richard L. Austin Senior Editor Emeritus Professor of Horticulture University of Nebraska