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Random Team/Group Program

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Mr. Stone
I am the Technology Director at our small private school in Massachusetts.  We just launched a 1:1 Chromebook initiative and I am working with our teachers with some "out of the box" ideas to integrate into the Google Classroom and just tech things in general.  That brought me to this idea. 

What if I wrote a program that the teachers could use to take their class lists and split them into random teams/groups (teams of 2,3 or 4).  Study guides, subject reviews, etc, groups all randomly generated which will push kids to interact with the classmates they don't normally interact with and just to spice things up.  

I created 8 IMPORT lists (for now), those never get touched after you import your .txt file, they are just referred to by the Selection List.  That then randonly chooses the teams dependent on how many teams are chosen.  I plan to incorporate the whole school soon, prek-8, so those teachers and the Phys Ed teachers can use this random team/group generator.  In my tech class the demo for 7th grade was a hit, they loved the "lottery" of where they would end up and how teams/groups were so different every time.

Feel free to use if you'd like.  
Create a .txt file for each of your homerooms
import that to one of the IMPORT lists, just keep track of what sprite handles what list.
probably create a new costume for each selection sprite so your class names are displayed properly
The program does the rest.  

I do plan on offering an option for 1 team, or one randomized order. The teachers wanted that option for reading paragraphs, spelling bee, etc in class.  Looks to be a fun resource.  Hope this is something the Educational Community could use.  I had a lot of fun writing it.