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The 10-block Scratch Challenge

What can you do in 10 blocks of Scratch?
I've been making a series of cards that demonstrate key features of Scratch in 10 blocks or less. They're designed for sharing on social media channels. You can visit my website to find an explanation of how they work and see the interactive demos of them in action.

Sean McManus
Hi Sandy. There's some great stuff on your site! Adding my cards would be a nice way to share them, thank you.  If you could link to my website for people who want further information on using the cards please, I'd appreciate that:
Sandy Coleman
Hi Sean,
Your cards are great.  I  know you said that they were designed for sharing on social media channels, was wondering if you would also give permission to share them on my site Screachers,  This is a site that I have been working on to provide resources and lesson ideas for teachers, but more importantly to recruit teachers who would like to be mentors on Scratch.