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10 Worksheets - "Scratch Activities" v.1.0

Worksheets for students with some knowledge of Scratch

These worksheets were created by Richard Wiktorowicz. Each worksheet starts off by giving students step-by-step instructions on how to do something in Scratch, and then asks them to apply the skills to create new things. The worksheets seem to be designed for students who have some knowledge of Scratch.


List of Worksheets

Scratch Activity #1 - Count Sprite

Scratch Activity #2 – Gliding Counting Ghosts and a Small Dragon

Scratch Activity #3 – Bouncing Basketballs

Scratch Activity #4 – How To Draw A Head

Scratch Activity #5 – Geometrical Patterns

Scratch Activity #6 – How To Draw Another Head And Upper Body

Scratch Activity #7 – Rockets In Space

Scratch Activity #8 – Optical Illusion

Scratch Activity #9 – Maze Game

Scratch Activity #10 – Rock, Paper and Scissors


Further suggestions for Scratch activities (from the author)

A simple exercise using the existing Scratch cards is to ask students to

1. Choose three existing cards and combine the activities into one exercise. This gives them more than "copying" to do but does not expect too much at the start.
2. Comment about why they chose these three and how they combined them.
3. Do a bit of analysis in a "KWL" format about the activity.