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Library for Animated Sort Algorithms

A new way of understanding CS algorithms by constructing them.

Understanding basic CS algorithms is not as easy as it could.

To overcome this difficulty a lot of tools have been developed to allow students to actually see how the algorithms work. Very nice animations are now available, but they lack something: interaction, explanation, construction. The students can look at the animation, but very often they don't see what is the link between the algorithm's instructions and the animation. Most importantly, students cannot act on the algorithm by modifying it, or, even better, by actually constructing it.

To this purpose I developed a Scratch "library" to create sort algorithms (basic sort, bubble sort, etc) so that  students can design their own algorithm and actually see how it works ( The library is based on highlevel instructions (comparison, swap, etc) but other levels can be developed.

The original project was deveoped with BYOB ( The BYOB version (available at is much cleaner, as BYOB also allows you to create new loops and blocks.