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Assessing Computational Thinking: May 2012 ScratchEd Webinar

In this webinar, members of the ScratchEd Team describe "computational thinking" and discuss examples and strategies for assessing it.

In the May 2012 ScratchEd Webinar, Karen Brennan and Michelle Chung from the ScratchEd Team discuss different forms and approaches to assessing students' understandings of computational thinking.

During the presentation, Karen shared a definition of "computational thinking" comprised of:

Karen then discussed some strengths and limitations to three assessment strategies that the ScratchEd Team has been researching and co-developing with Education Development Center (EDC):

  • project analysis
  • artifact-based analysis
  • design scenarios

Afterwards, Michelle offered example asessements from the ScratchEd resources section that highlight six guides for developing assessments:

The presentation slides are attached below.


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Gabriella Anton

 During this presentation, Karen mentioned that she would post the interview protocols for measuring computational perspectives. I looked through the site and couldn't find these - could you post a link to the protocols? I'm interested in how that aspect was examined and assessed. Thanks!