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Avatar Project

Students learn basic Scratch programming by designing an avatar that represents them in 3 positive ways & completes a simple action. Taps into students' creativity while introducing programming!
In this project, students learn to use the drawing tools to create an avatar that represents them in 3 positive ways. Then they learn to use basic Scratch tools to animate their avatar so that it completes an action. This project really taps into students' creativity and sense of self, and allows a lot of leeway for students to explore Scratch beyond what is explicitly taught. 

I used this with 9th graders, and they were really into it., but I imagine it would be appropriate from about 5th-10th grade for beginning programmers.
Ann Moyle
 Kelly, Thanks for sharing this!  I am teaching 7th Grade Computer Literacy for the first time and knew I wanted to do something with Scratch, but didn't know what... this is a great getting-started project!