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Basic Scratch Facebook Page

Everybody can learn computer programming.
This page is about the Scratch programming language. Scratch is an easy to learn block programming language, available at Everybody can learn Scratch and it's an excellent first programming language to learn. This page teaches Scratch by using the ebook "Basic Scratch" available at the Amazon kindle Store, and also by using the "Basic Scratch" podcast available free at the Apple ITunes Store and at With Scratch you can create all kinds of projects wether you are interested in games, interactive stories, movies, education, robotics, etc. The possibilities are limitless, although the focus of this preference of the page will be on using Scratch for Robotics. So, besides Scratch, you will also see posts based on Robotics and Electronics. Although, all will be at an introductory level. So I will often post on micro controllers like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and any other topic related to entry level Robotics, like Lego WeDo. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via this page. I hope this page is informative to you, and that you have as much fun as I do when accessing it and reading or watching the posts.