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Beyond Getting Unstuck: Community-Designed Scratch Challenges for Educators (1-3)

"I was thinking, just because the program is over, why can't the community keep creating, sharing, communicating, and collaborating?" - Matt Stone

After the Creative Computing Lab's 21-days of Getting Unstuck ended, Scratch educator Matt Stone had something to say to the Teaching with Scratch Facebook Group

The concept, of course, was gleefully received by the community, and Matt has already shared the first three new challenges with the group.

We invite you to contribute an idea to the challenge document, explore the Getting Unstuck archives, or get started on the challenges below!

Challenge 1. Random Draw From a List—Prime Numbers!

Create a game that tests knowledge of prime numbers. 

Challenge 2. Make Your Own Block

Create a project that utilizes a make your own block. The new block must contain at least three blocks and be referenced in the main program at least three times. 

Challenge 3. Explore Cloning

Create a project that uses cloning to make a lot of something such as projectiles or precipitation, that appear and disappear when certain conditions are met. 

Once you've completed any of the challenges, be sure to share them in the project studio!

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