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Images of Scratch blocks that can be printed out as manipulatives

During a workshop last week, we introduced the concepts of parallelism (doing stuff at the same time) and events (letting things know that it's time to do stuff) by "programming" people using print-outs of Scratch blocks.

One person described each task in the activity, another person specified the program for each task, another person taped the blocks of the program to the wall, and a couple of volunteers acted out the programs. The activity tasks were:

  • one person doing one task (like walking), then introducing the notion of resetting
  • one person doing two tasks (like walking and talking)
  • a second person simultaneously doing a task (like talking)
  • the second person doing a dependent task (like talking after the first person)

I'm attaching the blocks as jpgs and pdfs.

Pratibha Srinivasan

 Great idea.  I have done a variation of this where I printed out images, cut them out and glued them to popsicle sticks. This made it very easy for kids to use as  puzzle pieces.