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Blocks/scripts you might use in games

Here are some directions on sample projects that show how to use different blocks in games.

This resource contains a PDF handout that explains several blocks that can be used in creating games: variables, lists, operators, control, sensing, etc. Along with a brief explanation of the various blocks is a link to a sample project that uses the blocks listed. I  created this handout to use with adults at a workshop, but it can also be used with students.
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Anne Trachsel
Thank you! I My computer science students have had fun with game projects.
Kyle Mackey
Thanks!  Unsed this in my Introduction to Engineering and Technology Class and got some Awesome Projects from my students!
Ann Nicholson
You are very welcome.  I plan to expand this in the future.
Rick Cushman
Well Done Ann! I use this with my computer science students. Thank you!