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The colours of the rainbow

A lesson on the colours of the rainbow.

This is a simple lesson which can be easily modified to suit the needs of your students.


The whole idea is to enable the students to remember the seven colours of the rainbow and in the correct order.

You can also use the idea as a worksheet activity.

1. Copy the picture out or draw one of your own.

2. Ask the students to write the first letter of each colour in the coloured circles, e.g. "R" in the red circle.

3. Ask them to write the sentence "Richard of York gave birth in vain."

4. Now, tell them to underline the first letter of each word in the sentence (step 3).

5. Refer them to the rainbow circles and compare the first letters in step 4 with the letters in step 2.

6. When they have figured out the connection, you can also challenge them to write out a silly sentence of their own which incorporates the first letters of the seven colours.

7. Now get them do draw a rainbow.  Please remind them that a rainbow is drawn with the red colour right on top.

8. Have fun!