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Complete Introduction Course - Designing a Platform game in Scratch

8 lesson course to design a great platformer. Includes planning, Screencasts, PowerPoints and step by step Scratch files.
This kit includes everything you need to introduce Scratch and make a game that your children will love. All of the resources are linked from the Plannning PDF file for your convenience. It comes with a complete 8 week plan with a complete set of resources. 
Gunaseelan Thiagarajan
Hi, how can i download this files.. 10q
James Abela
I have checked the files and they can all be downloaded. It might be your browser when you click on the PDF, it will show in your screen, then use the right button and Click "Save As".   Alternatively if you are signed into a School Google Apps account there maybe restrictions, in which case you need to open a "Private Browsing Window" and download it that way.  I hope this helps.
Dawn Pooley
We will trial this soon, thank you so much for sharing!
peter mahony
Awesome stuff James. Thanks heaps for sharing. Platformer games are really popular with young people in our workshop.