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Creative Computing Curriculum Guide...for Scratch 3.0

Looking to dive in with Scratch 3.0? Try the Creative Computing Curriculum Guide!

Are you excited for Scratch 3.0? We certainly are!

In celebration of Scratch 3.0, our team is hard at work developing a new version of our Creative Computing Curriculum Guide (CCCG). The first edition of the CCCG, for Scratch 1.4, was released in 2011. The second edition, for Scratch 2.0, was released in 2014. This third edition, for Scratch 3.0, will be released in early 2019. The new CCCG will be full of activities for playing and designing with Scratch, exploring the intersection of creativity and computing.

For those of you who are currently teaching with the CCCG, we wanted to make sure that you were still well supported while we finish up the third edition! So, in the interim, we're delighted to share a version of the second edition, available as Google Slides. The changes made to this edition include images of blocks and projects, and minor content revisions to reflect the new Scratch 3.0 website.

We hope that this Scratch 3.0 version of the CCCG is helpful to you, until the next edition of the CCCG is ready. If you have any questions about the Creative Computing Curriculum Guide, please contact us at:


Yu-Hsien Fang
Hi ScatchEd Team,

We are exicited to share with you that CCCG - Chinese version is translated!

So grateful to have this resource to help teachers and students learn about Scratch and fudamental computational practices. And it is FUN!

Scratch on!