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Creative Computing Pep Talk: The School Year Is Upon Us!

Jump-start your school year with this #CreativeComputing pep talk!

With the new school year upon us, we wanted to wish all educators a smooth transition filled with lots of hard fun, creativity, and imagination. 

Remember, by teaching #CreativeComputing in your classrooms, and by supporting students in building content-relevant games, animations, interactive presentations and more, you are giving them something very important...

When you incorporate #CreativeComputing practices into your content area classroom...

1. Students learn that they can be the designers of experiences (like games or animations) of which they are often the recipients.

2. Students learn that they have the power not only to dream and imagine but also to bring their ideas to life.

3. For those teachers who are new to #CreativeComputing (and even those who are not!), students learn that you are also learning, and engaged in a life-long process of asking questions, taking intellectual risks, and getting lost in the creative process.


So as you begin the year, and find yourself both excited and nervous about taking the #CreativeComputing path with your students...


Take a deep breath

and remember...

You got this!!!!

Here are some resources to get you started

1. ​Watch, Play, Design, Connect, Share: Getting Started with Creative Computing
2. The Teaching with Scratch Facebook Group
3. 21 Days of Getting Unstuck Challenges
4. Scratch Across Every Subject: A Recap
5. Kick-Off Your Year by Designing a Learning Manifesto

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