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Creative Thinking and Social Studies with Scratch

Use Scratch stories to stimulate your students to think creatively and to think more deeply about social issues.
This resource features the work of ffred on Scratch. He is a Scratcher who usually does his projects in Portuguese and English.

In his project entitled "Glasses", Frederico uses a Scratch story to put forward many issues which our students and all of us deal with:

1. What we choose to  see and not to see.
2. How easy it is to be influenced by friends.
3. Issues of bullying, poverty, injustice, violence, etc.
4. How we all need wisdom and discernment to make right decisions.

Frederico has used Scratch very effectively as a resource tool to teach us to think creatively and to think about social issues. He has also created other projects which run along the same vein - educate through Scratch stories.


1. I have always believed that Scratch is a very effective tool to lead our students into deeper thinking. This story proves it.
2. Scratch is a great resource for us to use to facilitate Creative Thinking and Social studies.
3. Story through Scratch is a powerful teaching tool/resource.

I have highlighted some stories created by Frederico in the projects listed below.