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Creative Writing with Scratch

The Big Story Challenge - Encourage your students to Scratch stories.

Hi there. Creative writing may be a challenge for many children. However, with Scratch, I believe that children have a great medium that helps them to think through their stories. They can make use of ready-made sprites, backdrops and sound blocks,  or create their  own characters to illustrate the stories that they can see in their minds but are somehow unable to translate into words on a page.

By scratching a story, I believe the children will be encouraged when they see that they are able to flesh out their stories in this medium and perhaps will have a better idea of writing the story after seeing the visuals.

I have created two projects for you to use. The whole idea is to stretch the imaginations of the children.
1. Talks with my mother -
2. The Big Story Challenge – Pinginahurry -

How to conduct this lesson:
1. View the project (choose one of the two projects above).
2. Decide if you want the students to work in pairs or individually.
3. Discuss the possibilities  – brainstorming session.
4. The Who, What, Where,  When, How and Why questions will come in handy.
5. Let the children enjoy the unlimited possibilities. Comedy or tragedy, human or animal or alien, and so on.