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Design Studio Activities

A collection of 16 activities for designing Scratch projects.

This is a collection of 16 activities for designing Scratch projects. Whether you are new to Scratch or have been using Scratch for a while, these activities are intended to help you think about the possibilities for different ways of creating with Scratch. Each activity presents a constraint – some element or idea that should be included (or not included) in your project. You might be using a particular tool, working with a theme, including specific blocks, integrating a unique visual element, or following a predefined structure.

The individual design activities:

  • Orange Square, Purple Circle
  • 8 Blocks
  • Thank You
  • Seeing Words
  • Try Scratch
  • Make Some Noise
  • Travel
  • Rectangles
  • Bizarro World
  • Random
  • Our Planet
  • Mystery Game
  • Haiku
  • Lists
  • Add a Page
  • The Future of Scratch
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Giulio Bonanome
Hi, I've just published an italian translation of these great activities :) Love this resource, thanks a lot!
Donna Rogers
Fabulous activities to use as a 'Grab an Extension Card' activity for those who have finished today's lesson quickly - thank so much for sharing.
Donna Rogers
I look forward to trying it out with my class.
Patti Walsh

I love this resource!  These are great quick hits for small chunks of time or to stimulate deeper thinking with more time.