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Dual Hand Projects

Making dual hand projects to help people who suffer from memory loss.


I am trying to design worksheets which can help persons with dementia. I'd like to share this idea with you and hope that you will comment if you have other ideas... Thanks. : )

Hypothesis:  It is possible to ignite the connectivity of neurons by learning new skills using a dual hand approach.


The idea is to use the senses of sight, hearing and touch to teach the brain new things. I asked Padde2See to help me and he made a project for me at This project uses two senses.

He also helped me with another project which uses colours at


Thanks so much Paddle2See. You are a wonderful blessing.

Using his project, I was able to remix it.

I work better with paper and pencil and would like to share two simple worksheets I made for this purpose. These are included as attachments below.

The whole idea is to empower a person to focus on the task at hand using as many senses as possible and to use the hand that is not the dominant hand at the same time. If you can incorporate sound into the project, that will be even better.  You can actually use the different sounds to teach the brain to remember certain things (theory again). : )

I hope this will set you thinking and perhaps we can find new ways to help others. Thanks for listeneing.

God bless you.