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Embedding Scratch in the Classroom

A paper describing one experience of teaching Scratch in a primary school in England and discusses possibilites for embedding Scratch into the wider curriculum.

Please download and read the attached pdf document which describes one experience of teaching Scratch in a primary school in England and discusses a possible relationship to the curriculum for Scratch that is wider than just ICT as part of a digital literacy program.

You might also look over at our website which has tutorials and lesson plans to help you plan your Scratch program for children either in the classrom or the computer club. Please take a look at Watch this space for multi-player Scratch.

The abstract for the paper follows:

The Scratch programming environment is a computer programming language designed for 8-12 year old children to learn how to program and create multimedia applications and games with ease. This paper documents one example of using Scratch in the classroom as part of the ICT curriculum for children aged 7-8 years in a primary school in the UK. A case is made for Scratch becoming a core element used to teach digital literacy in schools to extend the ICT curriculum beyond the teaching of basic office skills and to offer a creative environment to empower the child to program the computer. The case for Scratch is extended to a possible role in embedding the use of computers in the classroom and throughout the curriculum as part of everyday class activities.

Roberto Catanuto
Hi, thanks for this interesting resource.
Are there activities directly linked with basic Maths concept, as seen in the primary curriculum?

Thank you in advance.