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Expand the Scratch Environment to the Microcontroller

Computational thinking solidifies the thread to the outside world: Mathematics IN Science IN Technology.
 Push the boundary past the sequence design of screen output. Bloom's notions of higher-ordered- thinking will be laterally developed when learners use processing capacity to affect input and output directly in their environment and beyond the restrictive visual interaction on a computer's screen. In the lessons found within the attached file,  a student can take an introductory step into real-world computing by connecting their programming efforts to a simple microcontroller attached via a USB cable.
So often this direction is restricted by limited budgets when acquiring commercial apparatus. Few children with limited opportunities result from the pre-canned activities associated with kits. Think: a mile wide and and inch deep.... Strip away the colourful plastic 'wrapping' of commercial world to experince the real workings of STEM components. The sequence of lessons (attached file) provide a shell that can be enhanced with easily available online resources.
Antonio Setas
David, your lesson it is fantastic. Thank you for sahring.