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Favole al Computer / Fairy tales on the computer

Animations and digital storytelling in Italian and other languages, using the text “Favole al Telefono” (Fables on the telephone) by Gianni Rodari, in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural context.

A group of teachers, IT professionals and engineer has been set up for the project; these professionals gathered to share the same passion for digital storytelling in the educational field.

The project is inspired by  “Favole al Telefono” (Fables on the telephone) written by Gianni Rodari.
The basic idea of the project is to study in depth the great Italian author of literature for children in order to create meaningful and valuable international relationships between the partaking countries, by involving children, teachers and other individuals who share the same passion.

The choice to use different materials and techniques for its accomplishment maintains creativity and the Italian pedagogical tradition; it also extends and widens the dimension of artistic experience in the digital field. The different experiences of the members of the workgroup contribute to enhance and strengthen the link between creativity and Computer Science.

Digital storytelling is a very effective instrument, from the point of view of didactics, which enables the use of a plurality of languages. Scratch enables the creation of animated stories, with drawings, images, photographs, sound effects, voices and music.

Gianni Rodari is one of the most popular, original and eloquent writers of children’s literature in the world; some of his writings have been translated in more than 40 languages. In 1970 he was awarded the prestigious Andersen Prize, an international recognition renowned also as “Petite Nobel Prize” of narrative for children.

Rodari’s works are genuine and up-to-date, and in terms of creativity and innovation they lend themselves to the creation of digital stories; therefore, starting from the text “Favole al telefono” (Fables on the telephone), and according to the ideas contained in “Grammatica della fantasia” (The grammar of fantasy), it will be possible to know the author in an original and engaging way, thus promoting the knowledge and reading of his works.


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