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Ghoul: A Scratch 2.0 projects analyzer

A software for analyzing Scratch Projects
 Ghoul takes a Scratch project as input and it produces three types of files:
1. A csv report of command statistics
2. A cur report of communications between sprites
3. Graphs that represent the communication between sprites.

Project's page
Project on Github
Windows pre-release


The project

The reports

CSV Report

CSV Report counts the appearance of every command in the project and the command categories also.

Download the CSV report

The csv lists all the Scratch Commands with their appearances.

You can open the file with Excel and filter out the commands without appearances like the image below:


  • There are 3 data commands, 1 readVariable and 2 setVar:to:.
  • There are 6 looks commands, 1 hide, 1 say:, 1 say:duration:elapsed:from:, 1 show and 2 startScene.
  • There are 10 events commands, 3 whenClicked, 4 whenGreenFlag, 1 whenIReceive, 1 whenSceneStarts
  • There is 1 control command, 1 doForever.


CUR Report

Download the CUR report

You can open the CUR report with your favorite text editor.

The CUR report illustrates communications between sprites. There is a detailed report for every message and variable. Ghoul also reports which sprites change the background (writers) and which detect this change (readers).

Ghoul example_m_.png

The _m_ image is a graph that illustrates the messages of the Scratch project. In the example there is only one message. Scratch Cat sends it and Ghoul receives it.

Ghoul example_v_.png

The _v_ image is a graph that illustrates the variables of the project. In the example there is only one variable. Boy1 writes it and Cassy reads it.

Ghoul example_s_.png

The _s_ image is a graph that illustrates the communication implemented with backgrounds. In the example Crab changes the background and Starfish detects the change.

Ghoul example_a_.png

The _a_ image is a graph that illustrates all the communications between sprites. It is in fact all the previous graphs combined.


A project

Corresponding graph for messages