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Go Bananas

Align the Common Core math standards to an interactive Scratch project!

This project aligns with the Common Core State Standards in math for Grade 4.OA.3.

The focus is on playing an estimation game, and then dissecting the programming pieces to understand the concept of estimation. Students will realize that given a certain time period they cannot physical count each item (in this case bananas). They must divide the screen into quadrants and then count the number of bananas in one quadrant. Then they will need to estimate the number of quadrants on the screen and multiply by the number of bananas in each quadrant.

Once finished playing and analyzing the game, students can then personalize the story line; it could be a famous baseball player estimating baseballs, or even a rabbit counting carrots.

Teacher directions, student worksheets and an answer key are included in the file.

Feedback is appreciated! Let me know how it works, or provide comments on directions that could be improved.

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