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Greg's Weekly Scratch Challenge

Happy Monday Scratch Educators! Come and try out my Weekly Scratch Challenge!

Happy Monday Scratch Educators! I want to have some fun this week! I encourage you all to post your favorite Scratch project that you either use in the classroom as a supplemental teaching/learning tool or that you have the students build as a project in order to learn Creative Computing. I am opening this up to both ideas so that all disciplines can participate. I am very interested to see how Math, English, Science teachers use and teach Scratch.


1. Post a link to your favorite project that you or your students have personally designed.

2. Post a very brief description of what it does and its potential limitations

3. Post a very brief description of what you wish or would like it to do that it cannot already

4. Post a very brief thought on what you would do differently to improve on its current state


1. Seek out someone else’s posted project and see if you can use it in your classroom

2. See if you can fulfill the requests by those that post by adding their “wish” to the project

3. Make any additions that you envision

4. Share the updated project back for other Scratch Educators to use

5. Post a brief summary of your experience and how you feel it contributed to the students learning of Creative Computing!!


Share what you make: